How Low Will They Go in Reaction to the SCOTUS 2A Decision? – Is there anything the oppressive states won’t do to prevent law-abiding citizens from exercising their constitutionally protected rights?

The US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) released a landmark Second Amendment (2A) decision last week. SCOTUS has determined that “keep and bear arms” actually means “keep and bear arms” and “shall not be infringed” actually means “shall not be infringed”. Better late than never.

This would seem to suggest the end of “may issue” policies in the handful of states that currently employ that oppressive practice. Is “shall issue” now the law of the land? Will law-abiding Americans in New Jersey, New York, or Hawaii be able to carry handguns for self-defense?

In California, Attorney General Rob Bonta directed agencies that issue concealed carry licenses (CCW) across California to no longer require a good cause statement from applicants. This was shortly after and in response to the SCOTUS ruling. Seemed like a good sign.

Shortly after that directive, Bonta’s Department of Justice “inadvertently” posted personal information of all California gun owners and CCW holders to the public through the department’s 2022 Firearms Dashboard Portal. The information which included names, addresses and firearms information remained available to the public for most of the day.

In my opinion (and probably in concurrence with millions of California gun owners) this was not an unintentional release of private information. This was a deliberate act. This was a shot across the bow, a warning shot. This was the government of California telling its citizens that your rights, 2A and otherwise, are meaningless. We’re in charge and this is what we can do.

The release of private information was intended to intimidate gun owners and potential gun owners. To intimidate current CCW holders and those considering a CCW. This was the state saying we can and will punish you.

If that information was downloaded and sold to criminal elements, a reasonable possibility, criminals now have a list of homes containing firearms. Crazed anti-gun fanatics now have addresses of gun owners and CCW holders. Once again, the state has intentionally endangered its citizens to further a political agenda.

This is just the beginning. In California and in the five or six other oppressive states we can expect a parade of reckless, unconstitutional laws attacking gun owners and endangering the public all in an effort to restrict 2A rights the ultimate goal being a disarmed and more easily controlled population.

In New York the governor has signed expansive new legislation severely limiting where firearms can be caried. This endangers the public and sets up law-abiding citizens to unknowingly violate these complex and irrational laws.

So, the answer to the original question is no. There is no lower limit. Nothing is too despicable for Democrat politicians and their far-left leaders. Nothing is off the table.

There’s a war being waged within our country. There are people in power that hate the country and want to see it torn down and replaced with something unrecognizable. The good news is Americans are waking up.

Violent crime is increasing in states and cities across the nation, worse in Democrat controlled areas. This is due in large part to policies within the states and cities where the Democrat party dominates. Where defund the police movements and villainization of law enforcement officers are supported. Where far-left District Attorneys refuse to prosecute criminals. Where criminals are released with no bail shortly after arrest.

Americans are realizing they are responsible for their own safety and that of their families. The sale of guns and ammo have been consistently increasing for the past several years. Well over 22 million Americans have CCWs and 25 states have enacted constitutional carry.

So, what can you do to join the fight? The first thing is to realize there is a war going on and you have a responsibility to get involved and defend not only the 2A but the entire Constitution which is what’s ultimately under attack. The recent SCOTUS opinions were very good for the country and the Constitution, but they weren’t the end, they’re just the beginning. Get involved and support those fighting for you be they 2A groups or others.

Get involved politically and help elect the right people Democrat or Republican. Both parties are currently a mess and are in desperate need of new leadership. Maybe you are the right person for office, if not, help elect someone you think is.

All gun owners should be NRA members. If you disagree with their leadership or politics, then don’t contribute to NRA-ILA (the political arm) but support the organization. Support other 2A organizations, we’re all on the same side.

Do whatever you can – write articles, speak, do whatever you’re good at but get involved. What happens in November and what happens in 2024 will likely determine the future of our country. Will it be a bright prosperous future for all or something else? It’s up to you.


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