A Time for Questions – Again the Same Shameless, Corrupt People Demand More of Something That Doesn’t Work

Once again, the country is reeling from a tragedy that should never happen but does. I’m not going to write about what happened at a Texas elementary school out of respect for those directly touched by that unimaginable horror.

What I will write about is the corrupt, befuddled individual who currently occupies the White House and the equally corrupt and shameless political party that supports him. Even before the smoke cleared the President was before the American people offering disinformation and exploiting the tragedy for his own political purposes.

The President asked “As a nation, we have to ask when in God’s name are we going to stand up to the gun lobby. When in God’s name are we going to do what we all know in our gut needs to be done?

He is right about one thing. As a nation we do have some questions to ask. As a society we continue to create the monsters who perpetrate these unspeakable acts just as we create insufferable fools like Joe Biden and elevate them to positions where they can do the most harm.

If we are serious about addressing the problem, then we need to ask ourselves some questions. Not questions about an imagined gun lobby that exists only in the mind of a corrupt and confused old man but questions about how we are creating these mass murderers. What role does the current state of our society play in this? I might propose the following questions as a start:

  • What effect does a decades long attack on the family unit have on children? Some segments of our society have over 70% of their children born out of wedlock, to what effect?
  • What effect does a continuous attack on all forms of faith in this country have on the family and children?
  • How does having political leaders advocating for abortion up to the last month of pregnancy influence our society?
  • What does the widespread use of powerful drugs on children at the first sign of behavioral challenges have on their development? Does the medical profession have any idea? The pharmaceutical companies? Would they tell us if they did?
  • What effect does the constant pressure to sexualize young children have on their development? The forcing of Critical Race Theory (CRT) material on young children?
  • How does near constant exposure to mindless violence through movies, TV, and video games impact mental health?
  • How does near constant exposure to grotesquely inappropriate material and behavior through social media impact a child’s development?
  • What impact does having law enforcement officers continually villainized, lied about, and attacked have on our society? Of politicians on the left encouraging violence against police and others with whom they disagree?
  • What impact does weaponizing federal agencies and using them against political opponents and other innocent Americans have on society?
  • Why do we continue to enforce gun-free zones, particularly at our schools, which do nothing more than create groups of defenseless people, open killing fields for criminals and violent lunatics?

These are a few questions with which we might start. Finding answers to these questions will not be easy but will be impossible if the questions are never asked. There are however some easy answers that we already know.

Gun control laws don’t work. They endanger the public and harm law-abiding Americans but do nothing to impede criminals or other violent individuals. They are unconstitutional. Gun-free zones don’t work and in fact contribute to the murder of innocents.

As a society our problems can be solved but not by thoroughly corrupt politicians with no moral compass. If our problems are going to be solved, they’re going to be solved by the American people, but they’ll have to start by asking the right questions.


©2022 Joseph T Drammissi


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