Weekly Roundup # 14 – A collection of interesting articles you may not have seen by authors you may not have read.

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The Weekly Roundup is a feature offered to my readers in addition to my regular articles. The Roundup is a collection of mostly recent articles you probably haven’t seen by writers you may not have read. The intent is to provide some interesting reading for you while providing some exposure for some great writers. Enjoy!

Is there really such a thing as “ladies guns”? With the rapidly increasing number of women entering the gun community, manufacturers, trainers, and others in the industry have understandably begun to focus on this growing customer base, but is there really a difference between guns for men and guns for women? Read Richard Mann’s opinion on the subject in Ladies Guns – Not the Same Thing as Ladies Underwear.

Accidents involving firearms and children are relatively rare given the numbers of children and the number of guns in America however, these incidents are always tragic when they occur and are almost always avoidable. In more rational times, firearms programs and gun safety courses were common in our schools and our society was better as a result. Tom Knighton examines a Michigan legislator’s effort to bring that education back to the schools in MI Bill Would Put Gun Safety, Hunting Courses in Schools.

As surprising as it might seem, I’m sure there are many gun owners who are not aware of Jerry Miculek. For those of you who fall into that category, take a few minutes, treat yourself, and get acquainted by watching Jerry set a world speed record for revolvers and pistols on a plate rack in this short video offered by Massad Ayoob.

The rise in antisemitism across western culture in general, and in America in particular, is unfortunately not surprising given the current state of our society. What is shocking is the lack of outrage over the antisemitic protests occurring across the country in cities and universities in support of what can only be described as human animals and the atrocities committed by these creatures against Israeli citizens on October 7th. Rabbi Michael Barclay points out the alarming similarities between the behavior of Americans and that of German citizens leading up to the rise of the Nazis in Remembering Kristallnacht So That It Never Happens Again. Gun owners would do well to pay heed and proceed accordingly as America continues down this dark path.

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