Screams Before Silence – Be confused no more, and cherish our Second Amendment

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I seriously doubt that any of my readers are confused as to what Hamas is or what happened on October 7thor about what Israel has been forced to do. For those who have family or friends who support the antisemitic protests/riots currently occurring across the country you might suggest they take a look at the following.

Scott Johnson writes for Powerline along with John Hinderaker and Steven Hayward, I’ve been reading their work for over fifteen years. Recently Johnson wrote about the documentary Screams Before Silence, you’ll find his short article along with a link to the 56 minute documentary here.

Screams Before Silence is a vivid account of the terrorist attack on Israel that was conducted by Hamas on October 7th and recounted by men and women who survived the attack. There is no justification for the vicious atrocities committed against innocent men, women, and children nor should there be any confusion as to the justification of Israel’s current action.

Anyone still confused should invest 56 minutes of their time and watch Screams Before Silence, they’ll be confused no more. The vivid descriptions of the attack by the men and women who survived it as well as accounts of what first responders found when they arrived leaves no room for doubt.

Several weeks ago, I watched a short interview with the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu. During the interview, Netanyahu stated that the IDF had destroyed 19 of Hamas’ 24 battalions of fighters. The remaining 5 battalions are located near Rafah. Israel plans to destroy the remaining 5 battalions in the very near future. Godspeed.

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