Another Tiresome Attack on Gun Owners and The Second Amendment in the Wake of a Tragic Mass Murder – The real threat facing our country goes far beyond attacks on gun-owners and the Second Amendment

Another mass murder has occurred where someone with severe mental health challenges murdered innocent adults and children. Attacks like the one at Covenant School will occur again. They are unpreventable. People who are violently mentally ill or some who are just plain evil exist in the world and it is impossible to identify them all and prevent every attack. What we can do is minimize the fatalities and suffering but only when we, as a society, decide to honestly address the issue.

I’ve written on this subject in the past, but today’s article is not going to be another on school shootings. Today the focus will be on why we are creating individuals who commit these atrocities and what we should be doing to truly address the issue.

If we wanted to actually protect innocents, we should start by honestly discussing the problem, it’s not a gun problem but a people problem. Every single time a mass murder involving a firearm occurs, Democrat politicians, the mainstream media (MSM), and members of the extreme left (which controls the other two) politicize the event to promote gun-control policy. Disarming law-abiding gun owners does absolutely nothing to reduce violent crime or increase public safety and is especially useless in preventing mass murders. This dishonesty is a distraction which prevents any real progress.

In the short term the logical step would be to allow people to protect themselves. Gun free zones should be eliminated immediately, school staff should have the option of being armed, and all schools should have the option of having law enforcement officers on site. Listen to Senator Ted Cruz’s proposal to federally fund these options and the unanimous opposition of Democrat senators. These actions wouldn’t prevent all mass murders, but they would reduce the number of incidents and would minimize loss of life when these attacks occur.

But again, the true problem is not guns but what’s happening in our society. Our values, our traditions, and the things that unite us all and make us Americans are being systematically destroyed. The following is a summary of results from a recent Wall Street Journal poll, (follow the link to the full article):

Percentage of Americans who say the following values are very important to them.

                                                        1998                           2023

Patriotism                                          70%                            38%

Religion                                             62%                            39%

Having Children                                59%                            30%

Community Involvement                   47%                            27%

Money                                               31%                            43%

America has a cancer, the above is an indication of how far the disease has progressed. The following examples represent some of the symptoms:

  • We’ve lost the ability to have honest debate in this country. The killer in the latest mass murder incident self-identified as a trans person. The MSM and the political left immediately developed the false narrative that a “trans genocide” was currently underway in this country and the killer’s actions may have been somewhat justified against the Christian school where values promoting this genocide are taught. Idiotic and completely false yet unchallenged.
  • In the aftermath of the recent school shooting journalists immediately mocked religion and prayer. They also in a bizarrely convoluted way twisted Tennessee’s recent ban on drag shows in front of school children into the mix. Most rational adults would likely agree that drag shows are inappropriate for young children but apparently not in our society.
  • The loss of a free press is extremely damaging to our country. The MSM has become nothing more than the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party completely controlled by the far left. For example, the tremendous damage caused to America by the extensive government overreach and extreme policies enacted under the guise of the pandemic has gone largely unreported by the MSM. The misinformation peddled by the government throughout the pandemic, and which continues even now is ignored by the media. Officials will not be held accountable for their actions because we no longer have a free press to expose their behavior.

There are many more examples of the deterioration of our society from the weaponization of government against citizens (Trump Mar-a Lago raid, NY indictment) to the loss, either perceived or real, of our election integrity (2020 Presidential election, 2022 Arizona gubernatorial election) enough to fill a book let alone a short article. Drug use is rampant in America, both prescription and otherwise, due to our intentionally open southern border and the “drug first” culture pushed in our medical community by big pharma. The question is what’s to be done?

America is at a crossroads and what happens over the next five to ten years will determine what kind of country we will leave to our children and grandchildren. Will they enjoy the freedom, liberty, and prosperity Americans have always enjoyed or will they experience something very different? The choice is ours.

America is under vigorous attack from within by those intent on destroying our country and our way of life. These people won’t be stopped by politicians. They won’t be stopped by the courts. If these people are stopped it will be by Americans who understand and cherish what we are fortunate to have and who love the country.

If you care about the country, it’s time to get involved. Start by deciding what you enjoy doing and utilize that to join the fight. For instance, I’m a gun guy and I enjoy writing. I’m a Board member for San Diego County Gun Owners (SDCGO), a PAC that promotes the Second Amendment (2A) and works to elect pro-2A politicians throughout San Diego County. I’m a firearms instructor and do my best to promote concealed carry and bring new people into our firearms community. I write these articles to get information to people and to encourage them to seek out additional information on their own. Figure out what you can do to join the fight and jump in.

Know your local, state, and federal representatives, know their positions and voting record. If they are not truly representing you work to get them voted out of office, support politicians who value the things you value. Join and support groups that support the values you believe in be they political, 2A, religious or otherwise. Get involved! Educate yourself and others, it’s our country and we decide what we want it to be.

©2023 Joseph T Drammissi

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