OCGO Monthly Meeting – Wednesday!!
We are thankful to Artemis Defense Institute for hosting this month’s OCGO meeting (www.artemishq.com). Scheduled for Wed, Aug 25th at 6PM, we’ll be serving light snacks and spending time catching up with members and non-members alike. At 6:30 we’ll begin our program which includes a guest speaker, San Clemente Mayor Pro Tem / City Council member, Gene James.
Mayor Pro Tem James was instrumental in getting San Clemente Declared Second Amendment Freedom City. Come hear the “how” and the “what this means” to our county and our state.
#NotMeOC – Still Growing!
  • For Women, by Women!
  • Our experienced Ambassadors are ready to assist with:
  1. Choosing and purchasing a firearm
  2. Finding the right training
  3. Getting a Concealed Carry Permit
We look forward to hearing from you! For more information and to sign up, visit www.ocgunowners.com/notmeoc
Meet A #NotMeOC Ambassador
Meet Danielle Mills:
#NotMeOC Volunteer Ambassador
Currently working from home for a veterinary practice data management company after having worked for local emergency, small animal and exotic veterinary hospitals for the last 20 years. (I love animals and guns!)
Favorite Firearm:
I have a few! My top two are my Glock 43X and Glock 19, but I also have a Glock 26 as well as a Sig Sauer P238 that I rotate into use here and there. 
Why Firearms:
I was hooked the first time my husband and I went to the shooting range. I have enjoyed learning to respect, shoot, and care for them, as well as getting to know so many wonderful people in the community. I know that I am capable of protecting myself, my kids and family if ever necessary, and I enjoy exercising that freedom.
Firearms Fitness Background:
I grew up with firearms, as my dad was in law enforcement and then worked for a government agency, as well as being an instructor. Despite that, I did not have much interest in them myself until later in life.
A number of years ago, my husband bought a couple of handguns, and I had so much fun at the range with his that I began my own “collection”. We also realized that we really enjoyed learning and taking classes together, so we do that as often as possible.
Finding the right weapons for me came with some trial and error, as I have purchased a few that seemed really great for one reason or another but then failed to live up to my expectations once on the range. These purchasing experiences, as well as my training experiences, I hope to be able to use for the benefit of other women who may be trying to figure out the same things. As a woman, it can be intimidating to walk into a gun store or a range, to show up to a training if you are a newer shooter, or to apply for a CCW. I look forward to walking beside them in whatever capacity they need to feel more empowered and welcome in the community.
The Recall is ON – Vote Sept 14th!!
Orange County Gun Owners Recommend “YES” Vote On Governor Recall
Orange County Gun Owners (OCGO), a political action committee (PAC) promoting Second Amendment rights, has announced its endorsement for a “YES” vote for the upcoming California gubernatorial recall election.
We are not endorsing a candidate, but we are supporting a yes vote on removing the current governor,” said Schwartz. “We are encouraging everyone to commit to show up to vote and make sure everyone you know does the same.”
First-term Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom is the most anti-Second Amendment governor the state has ever endured. Newsom is responsible for the success of Prop 63, which created a poorly run ammunition registration program. Newsom has also signed into law SB 61 which bans adults under 21 from purchasing firearms, AB 879 which requires going through a firearms dealer to buy gun components, AB 1297 which increased fees on carry permits, and AB 893 which bans gun show gatherings at the San Diego-based fairgrounds.
Newsom is facing a recall election after more than 2.1 million signatures were collected on recall petitions from registered California voters. The election is scheduled for Sept. 14, although ballots are expected to arrive in mailboxes to every registered voter starting the week of Aug. 16.
Names of more than 40 candidates, both Republicans and Democrats, will appear on a ballot that will ask voters to answer only two questions: First, should Gov. Newsom be removed? And, second, who should replace him? “The second vote will count only if a majority votes ‘yes’ on the first question,” said Michael Schwartz, executive director, SDCGO, on behalf of OCGO.
While every U.S. state has a Second Amendment PAC, along with several nationwide gun rights PACs, OCGO is strictly local, countywide Second Amendment advocacy organization providing news and information on new gun laws and expanding, along with expanding and restoring Second Amendment rights. OCGO sponsored events include gun safety classes, small gun shows, sporting clay shoots, social gatherings and pistol, rifle and shotgun experiences taught by professional instructors. For more information, visit www.Orangecountygunowners.com.
#NotMeOC & Krav Maga
This past Saturday, Aug 21st, our very own Evan Wang and Heather Hawke attended Gateway Cities Krav Maga for their Women’s Self Defense class.
As a member and instructor at GCKrav, Evan brought #NotMeOC to the attention of the owners. Heather was then invited to come, partake in a class, and speak on behalf of #NotMeOC. As a result, 6 more ladies stepped up and are potentially going to sign up. They all also took cards to pass out to others friends and neighbors.
Awesome networking event.
Training at Gateway Cities Krav Maga is the best way to learn to defend yourself against real-world dangers. Our commitment to empowering people to be safe, healthy, and confident was developed and mandated to us by the creator of Krav Maga, Imi Lichtenfeld.
  • Wednesday, Aug 25th, 6PM, OCGO Monthly meeting
  • Artemis Defense Institute
  • Saturday & Sunday, Aug 28th and 29th, Crossroads of the West Gun Show
  • OC Fairgrounds
Are you a member yet? We need help here in Orange County. With a recall happening now and an election year right around the corner, you can bet OCGO is working hard to be your Second Amendment voice. But we cannot do it alone! Join today by clicking the link above.
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