Weekly Email 2/4/2020: Changes to CCW Policy in Orange County???

Changes to CCW Policy in Orange County???

Weekly Email 2/4/2020
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Change to Orange's CCW Policy?
YES! And it is good news (mostly).
A memo went out to certified CCW trainers across Orange County spelling out the changes. OCGO wanted to make sure you saw the news.
The Sheriff's memo reads:
Effective immediately, the OCSD CCW Licensing Unit will be implementing the following changes:
Modifications are allowed for CCW listed handguns so long as the gun and all parts/modifications 
are legal in the State of California
.  All previous restrictions on modifications to slides, triggers, cerokote, etc. can be disregarded.  
See DOJ Guidelines for further info.
  • The responsibility for the legality of firearm and it’s parts/accessories lies solely with the owner/applicant.
  • Any violations or failure to adhere to state laws/regulations will result in immediate suspension and/or revocation of license.
-Max capacity restriction of 10 rounds for magazines still applies.
Listed handguns must still be concealable on one’s person or reasonably sized bag/purse. 
The gun must be registered in the State of California.
  • Can be registered to the applicant or spouse/domestic partner.
  • Must be DROS (FFL A&D check outs are not acceptable).
*Important Note:
 Please advise your clients that just because a modification is allowed, does not mean it is recommended.  Should they have the unfortunate need to discharge their handgun, they may have to explain in criminal/civil court why the weapon was illegally modified or had inappropriate text, logos, pictures, design, etc.
OCGO's Thoughts:
Generally good news! However, we absolutely do not agree with the ban on carrying normal capacity magazines in your carry gun that is being forced by the Sheriff Barnes. It is not illegal to posses magazines that hold more than 10 rounds and therefore it is not illegal to carry them in a carry gun.
San Diego and Riverside county both allow normal capacity magazine.
If your CCW is taken away from you because you are "caught" with a normal capacity magazine in your carry gun, please contact us immediately. Taking CCWs away from sane, trained, law-abiding citizens is not being the Second Amendment friendly, CCW friendly sheriff that Don Barnes told us he would be when we endorsed him for election.
Thank you,
-OCGO Board
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