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Weekly Email 12/4/2019: OCGO Christmas Party!

OCGO Christmas Party!

Weekly Email 12/4/2019

We Have Some "Thumbs Up" Updates!
Our Ratings page gives local elected officials ratings of thumbs-up, undecided, or thumbs-down. The ratings are based on meetings and research my OCGO.
We just upgraded a few of your local city council members to "thumbs-up"!
Have information on a council member we need to know? Email us and let us know. info@OCGunowners.com
Join us at our Christmas Party 2019!
Free to all! members and non-members alike!
Raffle prizes and appetizers.
Details are below and find our Facebook event by
OCGO Christmas Party Sponsored by and Some Prizes Provided by:
Thank You!
To All Our Volunteers and Members Who Attended The Gun Show Last Weekend.
Welcome to all the new people who found us at the gun show last weekend! We hope to see you at our Christmas Party and monthly meetings in 2020.
If you haven't had an opportunity yet, follow the link below and join Orange County Gun Owners today to support our important work.
Blog: Sweet Virginia Under Siege by Anti-Gun Forces – Citizens Fight Back
Funded by multimillionaire leftists, anti-gun forces have swept the elections and seized control of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Michael Bloomberg and others poured an inordinate amount of money into the Virginia elections and were able to elect an anti-gun Governor and create a legislature ...[.]
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