Join Orange County Gun Owners PAC


Our goal is simple: elect the right people on the 34 city councils in Orange County because that is where Sacramento and Washington D.C. politicians start.

What will Orange County Gun Owners PAC do that isn’t already being done?

  • Second Amendment Advocacy at the city/county level where state and federal politicians begin their careers.
  • Second Amendment Community Organizing. Be the change you want to see by becoming a part of a movement to restore and protect your Second Amendment right.
  • Political Fundraising to help get the right people elected locally where we can have the most impact.
  • Working with the local gun industry on every part of our plan because we are all in this together.

Using the successful model of San Diego County Gun Owners PAC, Orange County Gun Owners PAC will be the strong, permanent infrastructure, that focuses on changing the face of gun ownership by getting volunteers involved in local level activism and educational outreach.

We will bring a Second Amendment focus to local politics that does not exist and be the permanent infrastructure to improve candidate bench strength, precinct operations, and a meaningful way for gun owners to get involved in politics.

It is time we had a voice and became a movement. But we can’t do it without you.

Be the change you want to see. Together, we will win.

Paid for by Orange County Gun Owners Political Action Committee | 960 N Tustin St #339, Orange, CA 92867 | FPPC ID # 1397127